New Exempt Market Regulations deadline – September 18th 2010

September 28th 2010 – Final Deadline  (2011 Exempt Market Regulation Update)
The exempt securities market in Canada describes the portion of the capital markets for which certain exemptions are provided under provincial securities legislation from the full requirements of prospectus disclosure and certain retail client sales requirements. The Viridian Asset Fund is an example of an exempt market product.

A focus on transparency is essential for all investment products, of which Exempt Market Products (EMP)are now being regulated to ensure transparency, among other aspects of accountability to the public.

Up until recently there was little regulation of exempt market products and no regulation of exempt market dealers. But, changes that came into effect just last month now provide better transparency and insurance to investors.

Exempt Market Dealers (EMD) are now regulated, as is their company. And, before offering an exempt market product for sale they are required to scrutinize that product according to strict federal regulations.

The regulations provide better transparency and insurance to the investors, by filtering out harmful products.

Now, if the Viridian Asset Fund was already committed to best practices and a high degree of transparency you might be wondering why we are so excited about the new exempt market dealer regulations?
I’ll get into that in my next post!…

Wishing you prosperous opportunities, today.

Cheers, Tess
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