Why Offer Lease Financing to Your Clients?

Generally, when the cost of equipment exceeds $10,000, businesses start to consider alternative options to paying cash. Leasing is particularly attractive because it enables the buyer to spread the costs of the equipment across time while also capturing significant tax advantages. Here are some of the key reason why you should offer financing on your equipment:
  • 80% of businesses lease some or all of their equipment.
  • Selling payments is easier than selling price.
  • Leasing makes existing sales bigger. For example, you can up sell $6,000 for as low as $149 per month, upon approval.
  • Selling payments expedites sales. Financing gives customers the power to buy now if they have cash flow limitations.
  • Lease payments are a tax-deductible business expense for your customer.
  • Customers focus on short term expense vs. short term profit, which makes payments more attractive. Financing gives clients the ability to quickly measure profit from the purchase by aligning added revenues generated from the purchase with the monthly finance payment.
  • Deferred payment options will give the customer time to get the equipment generating profit before payments begin.


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