Private Equity

Private Equity Investment …into your Company

Every entrepreneur who has started and built a successful business will grapple with the question of how best to transition the future of their company. From financing to strategic planning and great exit strategies, Bailey Business Funds can help.

1.    >$3M Private Equity

Do you own a company which does, or will provide an annual dividend and is seeking private equity for future growth or expansion?  Concerned about new and unknown Major Investment Partners (Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Private Equity Partners) who may potentially interfere with your business?

2.  <$3M Private Equity

Do you have a terrific new start up business idea that requires an Venture Capital, Angel Investing or Private Equity in additional to the work and investment you have already made, to create a cash flow?

Building value is unique to each business and owner.

It is based upon goals and objectives of both business and owner.

As companies can be at different stages in their business life cycle and face different opportunities or challenges, it is an important matter for the owner to address sooner than later to ensure they understand the options, plan well in advance and monetize a successful exit or transition.

How to effectively submit for an Investment Eligibility Assessment

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Would you prefer a Private Investment Fund, which you control, for your company?

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