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Have you considered:

Developing an RRSP/ TFSA eligible, private investment fund – which you control – for your company’s future financial growth requirements?

Did you know:

  • 2/3rd of Canadian RRSPs are invested between September-November of any given year.

2)    The following list of activities are required for the development of a private equity investment fund for your company- supported by an Offering Memorandum – which include all the services necessary to ‘get on the shelf’ of the exempt market broker and dealer network – which we actively work with across Canada – who will sell your company’s private investment fund to the Canadian RRSP and TFSA market.

*NB – Please allow your company 6 months on average, to complete these activities prior to being able to “sell” your packaged investment to the RRSP/ TFSA marketplace across Canada.


These services include, but are not limited to:
  • Referral to legal and accounting services to create an Offering Memorandum
  • Introduction to the appropriate government regulated assessment services
  • Introduction to the highest grossing and best fit of Investor Sales Teams across Canada
  • Creation and launch of Investment website and matching marketing collateral
  • Investor Relation and ‘roadtrip presentation’ training
  • Investment fund ‘backend’ services for full fund management
  • Trustee introduction and application for RRSP/ TFSA approval


Example:  Investment Fund Website designs

Are you:

a)    An existing Corporations with good ideas that will demonstrate EBIDTA of $25M or more, after 5 years (on a pro forma statement) which are currently cash flowing – these projects are considered as ‘business expansion’.

– or-

b)   A Brand new Corporations with ideas which will demonstrate similarly on a pro forma (EBITDA of $25M or more after 5 years) and which also have a management team who has been historically successful in the same, or similar industry  – these projects are considered ‘second (or third) phase”.

If so, we hope this information has assisted to answer some of the questions you may have when considering this option for your company, as well as to provide some more background information to this newly Canadian Federally Regulated industry.

Bailey Business Funds looks forward to being of assistance; please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or further inquiries you may have.

How to effectively submit your business for an Investment Eligibility Assessment

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