Investors Relations Presentation

Investor Relations Packaging and Presentation for Angel Investors

You have a great idea and you have put your own time and family, friends and private shareholder money into bootstrapping it to this point.  Now you need an Angel Investor or Private Equity Investors to provide you with <$3M to move forward.

For the past 18 years, Bailey Business Funds has been matching up Entrepreneurs with millions of dollars of Debt and Equity Investment throughout Canada and the USA. We are well versed in knowing what investors want to hear and how they want to hear it.

Bailey Funds’ founder faced off the Dragons on the Dragon’s Den in Spring 2010, and away with endorsements and kudos from the King Dragon himself, Kevin O’Leary (

Bailey Business Funds provides services for professionally prepared Investor Relations packaging and website creation, Live Pitch training and “one pager presentations” for introduction to Angel and Private Equity investors throughout Canada and the USA.

Services Include:
  • Detailed review of existing written material prepared by management:  ie. Pro forma financial statements, Business Plan, Executive Summary and/or Marketing Materials including  Powerpoint presentations or flipdecks, Live Pitch Scripts, Elevator Pitches etc.
  • Hands on Consultation and development of online and pdf. Investor Relations Package and website:
      • Discussion with management of the key attributes of the project.
      • Review of Project Branding, Tagline and messaging
      • Selecting or redrafting key attributes of the project for best articulation and emphasis of the projects’ key selling points, highlights, proprietory information.
      • Live Pitch Script Consultation, Drafting and Training
      • Investor Relations training in Preparation of Live Elevator Pitch to be embedded in Investor Relations page.
  • Personal hands-on project and management introduction and Live Pitch meeting bookings with Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and Private Equity partners best suited for your project and marketplace.
  • Example – Online Investor Relations Package and website:
Public Online Home Page Backend Access to Business Plan, Executive Summary, Powerpoint Presentation, etc.
Example One Page Summary – pdf document to be sent out along with link to online Investor Relations Package to Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and Private Equity partners best suited for your project and marketplace.

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